Waltham St. Lawrence Silver Band

Annual General Meeting 2012

The WSL Band AGM was held at the Neville Hall on 21st November, followed by a brief rehearsal.

Committee and officers
Chairman Jane Lynn
Treasurer Dave Oakes
Secretary Chris Bennett
Deputy Secretary Steve Saunders
Librarian Natalie Harvey
Deputy Conductor Keith Penton
Equipment Officer Richard McKay
Committee Members Clair Williams, Keith Penton

Reports to the AGM noted that it was a busy year, including four concerts and 15 outdoor engagements. Jubilee events had included two performances attended by the Queen. A complete weekend had been devoted to recording the CD to mark the band's 150th anniversary, and the work had proved very worthwhile. Last year's reorganization of carolling rounds had been successful and resulted in increased income. The band was looking forward to next year's visit to Germany.

Membership stood at 30. New players had been welcomed in the course of the year: James Cade, Peter Williams, John and Rebecca Shaw and Steve Bourne. Among the four leavers, Geoff Cleeton's retirement after 34 years was especially notable. The band was particularly grateful to Dave Oakes for taking over the role of Treasurer at short notice.

An amendment to the constitution was adopted to move the AGM to a date in January, in order to give time for the accounts, with a financial year ending at the end of September, to be properly audited in time for the meeting. Hence the next AGM will be in January 2014.

The Treasurer's report noted that, unlike Starbucks, the band made a cash profit in 2011-2012. Depreciation of assets meant there was again a loss overall, though a smaller one than in the previous year.

The meeting voiced the band's appreciation of the efforts by Richard McKay and Howard Lunn in fitting the band's cupboard and store room with secure shelving and other storage. Their neat work had not only made band property safer, but also improved utilization of available space. (Even a brass band has to leverage its synergies, after all).

Natalie Harvey was also thanked for her stirling efforts as Librarian. As well as being reappointed to this role, she was presented with the Bandperson of the Year award as a result of the secret ballot held in the run-up to the AGM.