Waltham St. Lawrence Silver Band

Annual general meeting votes for change of MD

The Waltham St. Lawrence Silver Band annual general meeting 2016 was held on 27th January, with a large majority of the members present.

Reports noted that the band had fulfilled 13 engagements over the financial year ending September 2015, plus Remembrance Day parades and carolling around the village. Highlights had included the successful visit by German partners Musikverein Friesheim in May, and two bandstand engagements in Henley’s Mill Meadows. The band had 16 active members, which meant that we had had to rely on deputy players for some engagements. It was suggested that commitments for the 2016 season might be restricted so as to reduce reliance on deputies.

The financial report stated that the band made a loss of £461 in cash terms over the year. The deficit on the visit by MVF, combined with the treat for local pensioners, was £313. This was a remarkable success, given the substantial outlay involved in hiring a marquee and other expenses, and reflected the extraordinary effort put in by some members of the band towards these events.

The band's officers and committee were elected as follows:

Chairman Jane Lynn
Secretary Chris Bennett
Treasurer Keith Penton
Committee members
Steve Saunders (Engagement Secretary)
Ben Midgley (Equipment Officer)
Peter Williams  
Clair Williams  
Other elected positions
Librarian Ian French
Deputy Conductor Keith Penton

Any other business

Musical Direction: The main matter discussed during "any other business" was the need take the band forward for the future, both musically and in terms of membership. Though not present at the meeting, it was evident from MD Derek Holland's report and his conversations with the chairman that he agreed with the general consensus at the AGM, that a new musical director could help provide the impetus for the band to be reinvigorated. A motion for the committee to ask Derek to stand down as MD was passed unanimously. The meeting agreed that a previous incumbent, Jim Pullen, who had taken some rehearsals at the end of 2015 and had indicated his availability, be engaged as MD, initially for a six-month trial period.

Breaks: Ken Morris proposed that future rehearsals should feature a proper mid-way break, and offered to make tea and coffee for it. This was endorsed by the meeting.

Charity registration: As outlined previously at rehearsal, the band was now obliged by law to register with the Charity Commission, due to its annual gross income exceeding £5,000. Keith Penton presented the changes proposed by members to the draft constitution distributed earlier. The amended constitution was accepted for inclusion in the application to be submitted to the commission in the near future.

Bandperson of the Year: At the end of the meeting,  Howard Lunn was named as winner in the secret ballot to choose the Bandperson of the Year.