Waltham St. Lawrence Silver Band

Annual General Meeting 2017

The Waltham St. Lawrence Silver Band annual general meeting 2017 was held at the Neville Hall on 25th January, with a large majority of the members present.

Chairman's report

Jane Lynn expressed thanks to all the individuals who had contributed to keeping the band running over the year. The decision by the 2016 AGM to engage a new musical director had been vindicated by the improvement in standards that had been witnessed. The introduction of a proper mid-session break with refreshments had boosted morale, also contributing to improved performance.

Notable among the previous year's engagements was the open day at Richmond Fire Station, which had been very well received locally.

The year had seen the sad loss of two players to cancer, and other absences due to long-term medical treatment. One player had retired due to hearing loss, and another had announced his intention of hanging up his trombone this year. On the other hand, the year had seen new recruits on horn and percussion, and the welcome return of several former members.

Looking to the year ahead, Jane highlighted the forthcoming April concert in memory of Paul Singleton on the new bandstand in Windsor, and the exchange visit to Friesheim, Germany, at the beginning of June.

Other reports

Engagement secretary Steve Saunders voiced thanks to the solo cornet players in particular who had made it possible to fulfil several of the year's engagements, and noted the need to fill the empty cornet positions. He passed on thanks from Holyport British Legion for appearances at Remembrance Day parades and their Christmas concert.

Conductor Jim Pullen's report noted the improvements evident in playing over the year, and looked forward to working on specific areas to promote further progress.

Treasurer Keith Penton presented the financial report. The band had made a surplus in the financial year to the end of September, thanks to a generous donation from the hon. president. There were still substantial reserves in the bank, and the focus needed to be on recruiting players to turn out a band, rather than how much individual engagements might bring in.

Any other business

Possible ways of recruiting new players were discussed, as were the differences in satisfaction felt from concerts as opposed to bandstand engagements.

Jane Lynn announced that a sponsorship deal had been agreed with Guildford removals firm Bishop's Move, and presented the first cheque from the company. The band had already been provided with a pop-up banner for outdoor engagements, and would be including promotional material in its activities and publicity in return for an annual donation.

Bandsman of the Year

Those present at the meeting were balloted, and the award for 2016 Bandsman of the Year went to Ian French, who has put in a great deal of work as librarian since taking on the role at the beginning of 2016.

Officers and committee were elected as follows:

Chairman Jane Lynn
Secretary Chris Bennett
Treasurer Keith Penton
Committee members
Steve Saunders (Engagement Secretary)
Ben Midgley (Equipment Officer)
Debbie Morton  
Clair Williams  

Ian French agreed to continue in the role of Librarian, without joining the committee.